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The key ideas for a cheaper removal in Ilford

While there are removals companies out there who will come to your house and do all of the work for you aside from lifting you up and carrying you to the new house on foot, most people do not have the kind of cash required for such luxurious living. For most of us the movers will come and pick up our boxes, and then put them down in the new house, hopefully with out breaking anything. There are some of us however, who are aware that even that kind of service may be a little extravagant. After all, if you’re fit and able then what is stopping you getting the whole job done your self?

The key ideas for a cheaper removal in Ilford or anywhere in the country, is time. Time gives you the chance to get a different perspective on your moving process, and prevents you from panic-paying for expensive services and products because you suddenly realise that you have to move the very next day! Planning your time and going over every possible eventuality will bring a lot more ease to the move, and will allow for a great deal more spending cuts as we will show you…

Source your materials wisely. There are often bargains to be had online, so have a look around on the web to get an idea as to what you need to pay and for what. Bulk buying things will make them cheaper, but be careful of significant over-buying, as you do not want to be left with hundreds of unused boxes in your new home. If you have had a thorough check as to what there is on offer, and you don’t like the prices, then look in to recycled boxes that have already been used. The only down side to these is that they may be a little weaker and battered, as well as already having some writing on, but such things are easily won over by the fact that they will be dead cheap! Using old newspapers instead of expensive bubble wrap will also cut your costs as well as being much more eco friendly.

Hiring your own van and doing the removal your self is the most obvious way of saving money, but it is not for the faint hearted. It would not be advised that you drive a van containing all of your precious belongings if you have never driven one before, so don’t let the potential savings clod your judgement! The beauty of having a removals team is often in their insurance policies, which will be completely absent should you be doing the move your self. You will not be covered if you pack the van badly, nor if you drop something, and will be responsible should you have an accident in the rental van, which can get very, very expensive.

Should you have the experience and the fearless nature needed to get the move done completely under your own steam, then make sure you enlist some help. FFamily members and friends who are strong willed and strong armed are a great source of cheap labour. If they are particulalry kind, some loved ones will help you out free of charge, and some may require a little bit of cash for their efforts, but it’s always nice to cook everyone a meal at the end of the day either way.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to get going on an economical move, and they can be applied in part or in whole, so don’t feel like you can only use them in succession. Good Luck!

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