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Reasons to Hire a Van for Your House Removal

When you’re moving house, whether it is a large palatial process, or just a few things slung in the back of a car, you need to know the ins and outs of the whole ordeal before you start, otherwise you could end up wasting your own precious time, or worse, wasting your own precious money! If you are moving house in a city or any urban environment, then you may not need to rent a removals company. The best way to do a small move can sometimes be on your own, or if you have larger items that need moving, Man and Van hire can be the best solution for your moving concerns. There are so many man and van services out there that it is often hard to know what you will be getting for your money, and how much to spend is often a hard question to answer, but if you take your time to make the decision, everything should become clear in the end. Here, we will give you some hints and tips as to how to make your move a lot easier with the help of a man and a van.

Firstly, locate yourself a few different services from your local ads, or online. Different ites can be a great place to find cheap services, as there is a lot of competition in one place, so various companies and standalone operations will be looking to give you the best price. Be careful with these services however, you should meet with the Man beforehand to get a feel for how much you trust him with your precious goods. It is worth using someone that you get on with as well, as this will make the whole process much easier and less stressful.

Compare the quotes that you have been given. Do they fit within your budget? If you think one service is too expensive then try and work out what they are offering you that another company may not, this will give you a good idea as to what you are getting for your money, as well as how much you should be spending.

Make sure that your items will fit in to the van that you are ordering. The best way to ascertain this volume if you can’t work it out is to find a room in your house that has a similar space and see how things fit in to it. This should give you a good idea as to how large a van you need, which can affect the cost of the service quite drastically. If you get the measurement wrong then you may find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a sofa that you need to get back in to the house on your own! Less horrendous is the prospect of doing two trips, which when traffic isn’t great can be a real nightmare, and can become really quite costly.

Make sure that you can ride up front in the van; some services are not insured to have a passenger, which can cause problems, especially if you are unprepared. You don’t want to risk the van getting lost without you, or arriving before you and having to wait, which will add unnecessary costs. Most van drivers will charge by the hour, especially in urban areas, while out in the countryside, or for longer jobs, they will likely charge by the mile. If you are prepared and confident of the time or distance that your move will entail, then the costs can be very reasonable.

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