5 Weeks Before The Removal

Posted on 01/10/2020

Only 5 Weeks Left Before the Moving Day

Organizing a house removal is one of the hardest things to do in every homeowner’s life. However preparing the plan for what to take, pack and do beforehand will save you money, efforts and decrease the stress levels around the house. When there are only 5 weeks left before the moving day, it’s time to get some things sorted out.

1. Prepare a House Checklist

Being objective about what you own can be hard, but you need to do it eventually. Packing broken items, old gadgets and things that should be better thrown away isn’t reasonable. Packing material and professional movers’ services are expensive, so the less you pack, the easier you will meet your budget. Walk through each room, take your belongings out of drawers and cupboards and think. If you haven’t been using an item for years, what’s the chance to start using it again after you move to the new place? Take notes and start thinking what can be repaired, what should be thrown away immediately, what you can give to charity and what can you sell. This is an important process of decluttering and saving money on moving unneeded stuff. Since the moving company will provide you with a list to fill out, you need to be absolutely aware of how many boxes you will have, list all the heavy and bulky items, in order to get a precise quote.

2. Create Some Space for Change

You may have only a few items that you don’t want to move to the new place, or you may have a massive bulk of such items. Nevertheless, there is a way to decide what to take and how to make some natural changes. First of all, sort the items that you will recycle, which aren’t trash. After that sort the ones that are old, but usable and therefore can be sold online, at a garage sale or given to charity. Old and rusty tools can well be a part of this pile. Make sure you have enough ziplock bags for tools, screws and other small items. Label the bags with a marker and you are ready to go. Make sure you pack your tools last, as you will need them during the move day. If you don’t want to risk losing a bag of parts of furniture for instance, tape it to the furniture itself, and wrap it like that. Once you fill the boxes, make sure you have space for them. Putting them outside of the house is not a good idea. One way is to store them in the room the items belong to, in the garage or in the biggest room in the house. Avoid too much moving and carrying around, as you may damage some items inside the boxes. If you have decided to give some stuff for donation, save some time by calling them so they can pick up the boxes, instead of you driving them.

3. Pack for Carrying

Everybody knows that some valuables simply cannot be loaded inside the moving truck. Decide what you are going to take in your personal carriage and pack them accordingly. However, keep in mind that not every item is that important, and want it or not, you will have to trust the movers, otherwise you may end up moving everything yourself.

4. Remember All the Changes

New address, new landline, change of postal code, redelivery, new utilities connections and so on and so forth. House removal is not an easy time, but it is definitely a time of change and excitement.

Jake Bedding
Jake Bedding

As an authority in removals, Jake excels in producing useful articles that span various removals themes, featuring valuable tips for packing and unpacking. His guidance has been a linchpin in facilitating stress-free moves for hundreds of individuals.

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