Benefits You Can Enjoy Using an E2 Man Van Service

Posted on 30/09/2020

The Advantages You Get with Man and Van Service E2

The benefits you can enjoy while using an E2 man and van service have a lot more to do with the area than the actual process of moving house. The southern part of Hackney, where Hackney road meets Bethnal Green is a great place to live, with the open spaces of London fields and Victoria park, as well as the beautiful small town feel of Broadway market, there is little that one can get wrong in moving to the area. No matter how excited you are by the idea of moving to your great new area, there is nothing to stop the tedium of moving house dampening your spirits. If you are moving in to the area, there is a chance that you are about to set up a new life in a flat, in which case, you probably won’t be moving a huge amount of stuff, and will therefore have no need for a fully sized E2 removals company. The benefits of a man and van in this case are plentiful, but you can still get stung by the process if you are not sure as to what to be looking out for. Our guide should help you get the best value out of your man and van service when moving to east London.

Start by looking on various websites, or in the local ads. These are places where smaller companies, or standalone private E2 van men can advertise their services for cheap, and you will therefore be more likely to find a less expensive service. The larger companies with man and van divisions will usually cost more, as they will have expenses like websites and phone centers to pay for, which will all impact on the value of the service. If you are not too worried about the origins of the company, then the smaller private men with vans are usually your best bet, as you will want someone who is just looking to make a little extra cash, rather than a full time jobbing driver. Call around to a few removal services E2 to see what is on offer, and you will get a variety of quotes. Do not get upset if the initial few quotes are too much, it will be the case that certain companies will overcharge, while there are others out there with competitive prices that just need to be searched out.

When you are getting quotes, you will either get an hourly rate, or a total cost for the job. A total costing will often be a fair bit more expensive than an hourly rate, but there can be variables and unseen costs in an hourly paid job, like traffic and extra trips. If you feel like you have a good grip on the size of the job and the distance and traffic conditions, then hourly is the way to go. If you want to know exactly how much you will be paying, then a set price may be better for you, it depends on the job.

Feel free to try and haggle them down a little, but don’t go bargaining with no firepower. You should have quotes from other companies to give you leverage, and to show that you know what you are talking about. Beware of annoying people though, as it may result in them hanging up on you! Be sure that you have two sets of capable hands, especially if you are not up to lifting things, no van man will be able to lift a sofa by himself!

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Jake Bedding

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