How to Distinguish the Reputable Islington Removal Company

Posted on 01/10/2020

You Need a Reputable Moving Company

While most of us have absolutely no clue about the ins and outs of running a removals team, it is important to know what to look out for when your move is taking place to avoid any serious problems, or wasting your money. We will try and give you an overview of the things that you should be making sure are correct about your Islington removal company to give you the best service and value for money.

Before booking your removal company, shop around extensively. Get used to the different levels of service that various companies offer. When you ring for a quote, find out how far you cn stretch your money by way of extras. Will the company send a man to see how much packing you will need, or how many men may be necessary? will it be a free service? These are just a couple of things that you should be asking. Get the full lowdown on rates, overtime, lunch breaks, and extra weight charges. Find out how much you are paying for each removals expert that attends, and question whether you can use less men for a lower quote. Only by really investigating every company will you get a good idea as to why some firms are cheaper than others, is it because they are competitive, or because they are a cowboy firm with no real interest in anything other than your money?

When looking in to the huge number of removals companies in the United Kingdom, consider members of the British Association of Removers for your job. What you may pay on top of a cheaper non member’s quote, you will likely make up in the experience, heritage and peace of mind provided by the watchful eye that is the B.A.R. The association monitor their members constantly to make sure that all companies are in line with their strict set of guidelines. These protocols solidify the ways in which to carry out a successful move, from training staff properly, to being polite to customers. Knowing where you stand with a company is a very useful tool, and that is exactly what B.A.R offer.

Your job does not end when you have chosen your removal expert however. While your move is ongoing you should keep an eye on the staff amongst the hustle and bustle of the big day to be sure that you are receiving the service you have paid for. Be sure that they are attentive to your wishes, and diligent in carrying them out. Make a note of any employees who seem to be slacking or not pulling their weight, as this kind of behavior will waste your time, and may warrant a complaint or refund should there be a need for over time or any hidden fees. Check that the boxes are treated with care and stacked appropriately, it’s always best to prevent your items being damaged, rather than have to complain after they have been!

When arriving at the new property, brief the staff of the removal company as to which room is which, and label them with a piece of paper on the door. These labels should correspond with the way in which the boxes are labelled, and the process should be fairly quick and easy for the movers. Give the team a floor plan of each room with where the heavier items are to go, like sofas and wardrobes, so that you are not stuck with any heavy lifting in the near future. Be eagle eyed as to how your movers perform their tasks, and watch for any chips in the frames of doors, or scrapes on the walls.

Jake Bedding
Jake Bedding

As an authority in removals, Jake excels in producing useful articles that span various removals themes, featuring valuable tips for packing and unpacking. His guidance has been a linchpin in facilitating stress-free moves for hundreds of individuals.

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