Office Removals and Their Types

Posted on 30/09/2020

Different Types of Office Removals

Removals companies don’t offer services just to homeowners. Office removals are just as popular and common as home relocations. Any beginning or growing business at one point needs relocation and it isn’t common for the employer to make their employees move everything. This is when the need for professional removals services arises. A huge number of various businesses reside in office spaces with plenty of office equipment. When a business faces relocation to a bigger or just a different place, there is a lot going on. In order to have a peace of mind that all the office equipment, folders and electronics have been safely packed, it is best to trust the movers with this task. Packing an office is not easy – it takes time, skills and efforts. Your employees, no matter how many and how willing they are to help, don’t have the expertise to pack monitors and furniture the right way. The office equipment needs to survive not only the transportation, but the unloading and unpacking too. Doing an inventory is a great idea, so you know what’s being packed in boxes and what needs to be unpacked first. Depending on the business and its size, an office removal can happen over just one weekend or it could take longer. If you are moving into completely empty office premises, make sure their paint doesn’t smell anymore, the air-conditioning and heaters have been installed, the landline phones and internet are working.

These small details are crucial for the easy transaction from one place to another. If you want your employees and you to adjust as quickly as possible to the new place, then the place must be as close to working mode as the previous one. Ask your employees to have their desks and drawers sorted out and you can check if all the folders and documents are present. It’s best to have a few people on site during the relocation, who can help out with distributing boxes and the organization of the place. There are office removals companies that choose to specialize in office removals, because these usually happen at the weekends, when they don’t move households of individual homeowners. The fairly typical furniture that is present in most offices includes desks, drawers, tables and other not so heavy furniture pieces. The good thing about office moves is that there aren’t that many things like in a home and the furniture can be emptied and cleared out relatively fast. This is why many business owners prefer the movers to pack all the items. Some of the furniture gets disassembled (legs of tables, shelves, etc.).

Overall, an office removal is much easier than a home one, but it does depend a lot on the office premises and the type of business. If there is artwork or antiques stored and exhibited, they would require extra care and special packing material. When you ask for a quote from an office removals company, be precise about the size of the office and the amount of items. Moreover, keep in mind that the use of stairs or elevator would affect the final price too. The access to the office matters too; since the movers will arrive with a big moving truck or a few moving trucks, make sure they can be parked right outside the office premises. This will make the loading process quicker and easier and you wouldn’t have to worry about additional charges. Inquire about insurance and what equipment will the movers use. Then you can simply sit back and relax while your business is being moved to the new location.

Jake Bedding
Jake Bedding

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