Packing Tips for Moving: Easy and Efficient

With removals there are so many tasks that need to be done it can get frustrating, especially doing all the packing and getting everything ready to move, working out all the logistics on top of all the packing and remembering to pick up copies of everyone’s vital records make it that much more stressful. Do you have everything? Well, that is one thing, this is another. If the packing is easy then it makes the rest of the move easier, so it is time to get a system in place so that everything gets packed and ready to be moved, without the stress of what if.


Getting organized is the first aspect of masking anything run smoothly and the same goes for packing all your belongings. What needs to be done is to make a list of everything that needs to be packed and then add in everything that you can think of that you know you may overlook or forget to pack. On top of that remember to write down everything that comes to you throughout the day that isn’t on that list yet. The list will be your guide and it can be arranged however it works best for you. It is a good idea to arrange it so that once something is packed or a certain room is packed it can be checked off the list.

Having everything needed:

Nothing will run smoothly if you don’t have the tools it takes to make that happen. Packing cannot work if someone doesn’t have the necessities such as tape, markers, packing paper and of course, boxes. Without these materials packing is not packing it is just throwing thing in a bag. To pack efficiently these materials are required and make sure that enough of them are available when you start packing. Boxes, tape and packing paper are most important, markers are more for organization.

When buying tape try to get at least a 2 inch wide tape. This size tape will easily seal the flaps of boxes without having to use multiple strips. Boxes needed are usually pretty standard in size with the most common being the 14”x12”x12”, this size box will be able to fit everything the average household has inside it. Packing paper is very important, so that no free space is left inside the boxes that are packed, the paper will keep the items packed from shifting around inside while being transported. Markers are good to have so that boxes can be marked. It is good to mark all the boxes once they have been packed, this makes unpacking a breeze.

These couple of tips will help take the stress from the packing end of things. Now it is a good time to think about the other aspects like getting the utilities turned off and switched on in the new home. This is something that is often forgotten, write that down. If you need a moving van, it is a good idea to hire a removals company to help out with the move. Find a company that has been working in your market for some time and you are sure to not go wrong.

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