Things People Might Forget When Moving

Moving offices is often a very busy and stressful time. And with so much to remember, it’s easy to forget things too.

Very simple, but you might forget to inform the people that need to know about the move. If you’re in a high position, remember to tell your colleagues well in advance that you will be relocating. Failure to do so will result in stress and a lot of confusion. You want to avoid this so planning in advance and communication is so vital. Or if you’re working at a less managerial position – it’s still worth letting people know and bringing it up in meetings.

Another key point is you might forget to book a removal company. If you’re moving a large office, you’ll need a specialist office removal service to help you with large appliances, electronics such as PCs and furniture. A packing service may be included but normally people would have to pack themselves, which is why communication and warning in advance are both so vital. What you want to avoid is a moving day with no boxes ready. Set aside times to pack yourself or help your team – whatever your circumstances. Don’t leave packing until the last minute!

Office removals are based upon careful planning and organisation. Without these two vital ingredients, you’ll probably have to postpone your removal, which could cost you money. Don’t forget to make a plan. Again, it might not be you in charge but get involved if you can. If you’re in charge of moving the office come up with a new seating plan for the new building. Ensure your colleagues know where the new location is and where they will be seated. You might want to make sure work is covered during absence due to removal. So again, planning is a key part of office removals.

With removals comes the cleaning. Hire a cleaner in advance or prompt people to clean their own desks. Again, this will take time so ensure you have given enough warning and cleaning materials for people to get themselves ready. If it’s not your job to plan the office removal I’m sure whoever’s it is will be happy for tips and advice.

But if it is your job to plan the removal, cleaning can take time so by giving time you will speed up the process. A few boxes, clothes and cleaning appliances should be enough for a quick go-over. It might be worth considering hiring a cleaning company to give your office floor a deeper clean. Weigh out your options depending on the budget you are given or working towards.

Once you get to the new office, don’t forget to check everyone is there, everyone’s stuff has arrived and nothing is left behind. Checks are vital so avoid rushing if you can – very easy to do but will only cause mistakes. Make sure you check that everyone is settled in, if you’re in charge or ensure you report any lost goods or mishaps if you’re not. Any problems should be solved and sorted straight away, if not as soon as possible otherwise the longer they are left the more complicated they may begin. Keep a list of what you need to do and what’s missing etc. Remember that this totally depends on your position and whether you’re in charge.

Office removals should be built upon teamwork, communication and support so these three things are vital to remember yet easy to forget. Moving office is a great opportunity for a fresh start so ensure it is done properly and you’ll enjoy a stress-free move in no time.

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