Top Tips for Moving to and from a Rented Home

Posted on 02/10/2020

Tips For Preparing To Move Out of a Rental Home

Moving house is stressful; we’re not the first or the last to use that mantra. But that phrase conjures images off selling a home, mortgage meetings, banks, surveyors and solicitors. What about those that need to move out before a certain hour of the day before the contract rolls onto the next month and are desperately trying to get their deposit back? All this is just as stressful, as most often, packing, moving and unpacking is done in a matter of days, keys, deposit and contracts are exchanged and bang! You’re sleeping in a new room, in a new house.

Whether you’re renting a mansion, studio or simply a room, everybody could do with a de-clutter. The fast paced approach to moving from and too a rented house means a ruthless approach to clutter and a military style of packing is essential. Don’t wear it, need it or know what it is? Bin it. Moving is a fresh start, and as easy it might seem to throw it all in bags and boxes, it will only make unpacking at the other end that little bit more stressful, complicated and time consuming.

On the other hand, is not to get too bin-happy with disposable items you think you might not need. In rented accommodation you may be tempted to simply leave food in the cupboards or toiletries in the bathroom, if you’re simply doing it to save on space then don’t. Non-perishable foods are easily replaced, but what is the point in wasting money starting again with herbs and spices? And bath soaps and shampoos are cheap enough to restock, but after a stressful move a nice soak could be just the thing.

Be logistical, systematic and logical with packing. The worst and best part of moving from rented accommodation is that a large part of the stuff may not be yours. It’s great you don’t need to worry about moving large appliances, but it also means there are no empty rooms to double check for lost possessions. Hence, it’s essential to pack each room systematically, leaving essentials to the last minute. Label all your boxes and know how many you have, and make sure you leave yourself enough time to hunt high and low for anything that could otherwise be lost in the move.

A top tip is to be packed and ready to leave the day before, leaving you enough time to come back and do any last minute checks, cleaning or odd jobs around the house.

Using a removal company is a great help when moving from a rented home, you can pack your boxes off into the back, and a man and van will even unload at the other end, leaving you a bit more valuable time.

Hire a cleaner
Last, but by no means least, the move may have been stressful, but you’ve reached the last hurdle – getting the infamous deposit back. Your landlord may be coming round to inspect the property and it’s best to hire a professional cleaning service to make sure the place is spotless. Making time for this also means there is enough time to do a last minute check under the bed, in drawers and on top of cupboards. A cleaner will ensure your home is brand spanking new, leaving no nasty surprises for the landlord. You should always use a reputable and well rated service, as you are looking for more than a domestic clean, if this is out of your budget, rope in a few friends with high standards.

Jake Bedding
Jake Bedding

As an authority in removals, Jake excels in producing useful articles that span various removals themes, featuring valuable tips for packing and unpacking. His guidance has been a linchpin in facilitating stress-free moves for hundreds of individuals.

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