How To Make A Moving Budget?

Moving house is an expensive process, so it’s essential you do everything in your power to make it cost effective and a relatively smooth, stress free endeavour. Follow these hints and tips and you’ll be guaranteed to save yourself a bit of extra money.

1.    First things first, make that all important decision…do it yourself or hire a removal company?
Moving yourself may be the cheapest option, but think about it for a bit. Do you have a lot of items to move, heavy and awkward items of furniture, items of value, is it a long drive to your new house? Factor in the answers to these important questions before making a decision.

2.    Call up plenty of removal companies.
Don’t just book with the first moving company you come across because you’ll be kicking yourself if you find a better deal or a cheaper service elsewhere. That’s why it’s essential that you start the process of looking for a professional company as early as you possibly can, so you can make some calls, shortlist a few companies, then weigh up the pros and cons of booking with a particular company. Most of best companies out there are booked up for weeks in advance, so leave it too late and you could find yourself lumbered with an inexperienced company that could provide you with a substandard service. Don’t take that risk, and get the company of your choice by getting to it weeks before your moving date.

3.    Factor in all those little details that you may have turned a blind eye to during the commotion of the removal process.
Booking a professional company and hiring a removal service or two from them isn’t the be all and end all of the process. There are plenty of other costs that you have to consider, all of which add up and can quickly escalate and ruin your planned budget if you haven’t taken the time to organise your finances for the move. Factor in the cost of packing materials for example. If you’ve got any pets, you might have to arrange alternative transportation for them to your new house, or you may have to put them in kennels for a few days to prevent them from running around and wreaking havoc whilst you’re trying to pack. If you’ve got young children, you may have arrange some childcare during the move. Factor in food costs; if you know that you’re going to be going on a lengthy drive to your new house, pack a lunch box in advance and prepare your food for the day. You might have to live on takeaways for a few days until you have time to do a proper shop and get your fridge and freezer up and running. All of this costs money and will quickly add up if you don’t prepare and organise before your move.

4.    Man and van hire.
Man and van firms are perfect for anything related to small removals. Often cheaper than the specialist companies, hiring a small team could really save you a lot of money.

5.    Storage costs.
If you’re planning on decorating or refurbishing your new house, you may want to consider putting a few of your items into storage. Nowadays, there are many storage companies out there, all offering different storage spaces at different prices, so do your homework, make some calls and pick the right company for you. If you can and have the time, try and visit the storage facility for yourself, so you can check out security arrangements and talk to the staff in person.

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