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Move Furniture in Bromley

When the time finally comes for us to move homes, we can often find ourselves feeling very unprepared for it all, as if we’ve been snuck up on and had a trick played on us. Things seem a lot more complicated than they should, a million unexpected issues rear their ugly and unwelcome heads, and we find ourselves needing to think on our feet.

This is in spite of the fact that the whole situation is down to us in the first place!
No part of a Bromley removal is more stressful or complicated than trying to properly organize the best way to box, pack, and transport our collection of “stuff” from the old location to the new one – and no part of that process is as tricky as trying to work out the best way to move our furniture across – those bulky and inconvenient items which we love, but which threaten to give us a constant headache when it comes time to try and fit them into our car, or through a stubborn and inconvenient doorway.

It’s enough of a pain that it can end up seeming like a lose/lose situation regardless of how we choose to approach it. On one hand, we love our furniture (ok, love may be a bit of a strong word, but we enjoy it anyway) and we want to do our best to make sure that it makes it from point “a” to point “b” in good condition, free from the dangers of being jammed into the half-open boot of a car much too small to accommodate it, as it speeds down a bumpy road, and through a million unknown hazards which could end up causing any number of little tragedies, ranging from shredded upholstery, to broken or scuffed antique woodwork.

The issue of space and expertise really is at the heart of this whole thing, after all. When all is said and done, most furniture is just too big to fit into most of our personal vehicles. The environmentally conscious among us may have an even more terrible time of the whole task if they imagine that they’re going to get their cherished sofa moved to the other side of town strapped on top of their trusty smart cars.

Yes, of course, it is possible to move some furniture by ourselves – jokes aside, we have all seen different types of cars gingerly making their way through town with some ancient Victorian wardrobe, or cosy looking sofa strapped to the roof, but there are simply no guarantees. The bottom line is that damage to your furniture is much more likely if you’re going to risk this technique (in fact, so is damage to other motorists.)

The best option, in all seriousness? Bite the bullet and hire a professional to take this burden off your shoulders. There is an entire industry out there whose area of expertise is in moving valuable items without doing damage to them. Professional movers Bromley whose living and reputation depends on their skills at keeping your furniture in good condition, and getting it transported to where it needs to be in a hurry.

For a moderate price a man with a van BR1 or a professional company with a moving truck (depending on the distance between your old and new properties, and the amount of stuff which you need to transport) can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your grandfather clock won’t go flying out of the back of your half open boot, to meet the road at 60mph.

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