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How to Make Your New Place Feel like Home

So you’ve finally found the perfect place. After numerous calls, viewings and negotiations, after a fair few disappointments, after many discussions with your future flat mates, after making one list of priorities after another, the moment has finally arrived. You’ve managed to move all of your things and unpack and you begin to settle in; nothing is accidentally left behind and you’re looking forward to having the time of your life in your new home… but something is still amiss. A lot of the time simply being in your new home for the first time doesn’t feel quite right. This is all completely normal of course, as no matter how good the house or flat is on paper, it’s still not yours. It will not feel lived in and it’s unrealistic to expect that a new place will instantly feel like home. This is particularly true, if you’re the first one to move in, as then there would be a bit of loneliness on top of everything else. There are however, a number of things you can do to begin settling in, to create a homely atmosphere and make the place feel yours; maybe you could even begin preparing to welcome your flat mates when they arrive. Here’s how to do it.

1. Your flat should be completely clean when you move in. This is the duty of the landlord and it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. However you will still have all of your luggage and belongings to unpack. Try not to take too long doing this. Living out of boxes is uncomfortable, it is annoying and it can make you feel like a squatter. The faster you unpack everything, the sooner you’ll be able to start organizing your new home. Make sure to unpack each box or bag in the room that its contents should be in. That means open the box of bedding and sheets in your room, the box of kitchen utensils in the kitchen – try not to leave unnecessary things lying around the house or flat. A mess always makes a place feel less comfortable, and it may bother your flat or housemates.

2. Before you begin unpacking, take a tour of your new surroundings. Plan out where everything should go. Get used to the space. Not only will it save you time while arranging everything, it will also help you get used to your new environment

3. It’s finally time to start unpacking. Try not to create huge piles of things, waiting to be put in their final place. Just unpack things and put them where they belong. Of course, the arrangement doesn’t have to be absolutely final. If you decide something doesn’t look good in its initial place, move it. This is a time for experimentation. Similarly, do not try to mimic the arrangement in your previous home. A new arrangement for a new place. While it may feel unfamiliar at first, it will help you get used to the idea of a new home.

4. Begin decorating. At this stage, your new home is still going to feel a bit bare, so try to change this fact. Select decorations that make you feel good – this doesn’t have to mean huge expensive works of art, it can be anything – posters, plants, garlands, table lamps – anything that will make the space feel homey. Scents are a good idea for this, as they tend to trigger a lot of memories and emotions – select a scent that reminds you of comfort and safety. If you’re living or are going to be living with other people, keep in mind that they may not approve of your design ideas. This is why you should reserve any startling decorations or ones with personal significance for your bedroom. Any changes to the common areas should be discussed amongst all the inhabitants of the home.

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