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What You Need to Do Two Weeks Before You Move

When you start preparing for a house move it is ideally a few months before the moving day. You hire the moving company or the truck, you take the inventory of the entire household, you get rid of some old items and you gather the packing material and supplies. It seems that everything is under control until you actually start packing which is the toughest stage of every house move. With your entire household waiting to be securely packed and loaded inside the truck on the moving day, it looks like mission impossible. Add to this the usual daily responsibilities such as work, looking after your children and all the housework, and packing looks like the last thing you have time for. When you have only a couple of weeks left until the moving day, you will need to do some tasks and arrangements right away. The days will seem shorter and more hectic, but this is inevitable with the approach of the big day. Get your children to help and call some friends or relatives too. The more help you can get with packing, the easier it will be. Here is a list of things to do two weeks before the move.

• If you have a baby or small children arrange for a babysitter or a friend to look after them on the moving day. It can be quite traumatic for children to move house so it’s best to keep them away from the action and the moving truck.
• Make travel arrangements for pets, take them to the vet and prepare all necessary documents if they need to fly.
• Let your children say goodbye to their friends properly. They can have a party or go to the movies. Children and especially teenagers find it really difficult to part with their friends, change schools and adapt to the new neighborhood and town so you need to be extra understanding on the matter.
• Take your car for a regular checkup – it needs to be fully serviced before the journey, especially if it’s a long-distance one.
• Prepare the insurance for the car and double check that you have the written agreement and the insurance documents from the mover.
• Inform your neighbors about the move if you haven’t done that yet. Ask them to leave enough space on the parking lot for the moving truck, especially if you are moving at the weekend.
• Dispose of any hazardous chemicals in your household, such as oil, paint and solvents. These shouldn’t be packed for the truck.
• Pack up the garden shed, garage and basement. Get rid of the clutter and only pack the things you actually use. Check for solutions for moving plants.
• Don’t buy too much food, as you may not be able to finish it until the move and you’ll have to throw it away.
• Pack fragile items such as china and glassware and leave outside only as many as you actually need for the last two weeks.
• Pack books and clothing in cardboard boxes. Books should be in smaller boxes and clothes in bigger ones. Label the boxes with the inventory they contain as well as the room they should go to.

Two weeks before the move is actually the perfect time to concentrate on packing and using the right techniques and tools. Stay organized and you will reduce the high levels of stress. Moving is not as hard as people say, as long as you are well-prepared for it.

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