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Common Self Storage Questions and Answers

Many people dabble with the idea of using self-storage at some point in their life. Whether you are renovating your house and need a temporary storage solution or moving home and need a secure place to store your possessions, self-storage is often the answer. It is also a valid long term solution for storing furniture when in rented accommodation or when downsizing to a smaller home. Students also often find it a benefit during the summer months to store their things when they vacate university accommodation.

However, with self-storage being a valid option for many people in many different situations, potential users often have a lot of questions. The First question that springs to most of our minds when evaluating the validity of using Docklands self-storage is how much does it cost? This unfortunately is the most common, and the hardest question to answer. To get a truly accurate figure it is best to get quotes from your local self-storage providers. This is because the price is dependent on a lot of factors such as; the location of the unit, how busy the unit is, the size of the space you need and how long you need it for. Due to this and the fact that every customer has different needs when it comes to storage it is best to get a quote from a local company for a small unit as a base price, evaluate how much you have to store and scale up or down as what is necessary to see if it is a valid option for you.

The next question people tend to have is how much storage space do I need? This is often easily calculable if the items to be stored are in boxes that are easily measured. However when considering how much space to rent there are two key factors to consider. The first is how fragile the items to be stored are. If they are fragile it is not recommended to stack them so you will need more floor space so to avoid stacking and breaking things. The second is whether or not you will need access to the items whilst they are in storage. If you do need access then it is best to opt for a larger unit so that walk ways can be created between the items so that you can easily access what you need without having to empty and re-stack your unit every time.

How long can I rent a unit for? For most companies it is not an issue of how long, more of what the minimum rental time is. You can pay yearly so many companies allow you to use storage units for tens of years. However, if you are looking to use self-storage as a temporary solution it is best to note that most companies will only offer a minimum of 4 weeks as their smallest rental period. Though this doesn’t mean your belongs will be held hostage until the 4 week period is up. Most companies allow you free access to your unit so as long as you pay for the minimum amount of weeks you can take your items whenever you wish.

This leads to the final question many people have which is, can I access my unit whenever I want? This unfortunately depends on the company you choose. Most offer free access during normal office hours and some will offer extended hours e.g. 7am-11pm. However it is best to think about how much access you will need whilst using the Docklands storage as many companies apply an extra charge for allowing you extended access meaning the cost of using storage can escalate quite quickly.

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