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Decided to Change Paddington for a Town in France

So you’ve decided to change Paddington for a town in France? Moving abroad is much harder than just a local or country-city move, but it has its basics, which when done right will ensure just as successful move as any other. If you wish to relocate to France and start your life anew, you first need to deal with some decision making. It’s not only about the shift of your household, a move is a change of lifestyle, habits, language, weather, etc. There is a lot of change going on and you need to be prepared for it.

The first decision to make is the region you will relocate to. The country is varied and rich and the choices are numerous. All the parts of the country are different from one another which makes them equally appealing. Decide whether you want to live in a town that’s closer to the sea or closer to the mountains. This is only the first step in your relocation process which might take months. Proceed by examining the local job market, the entertainment and the education prospects. If you are moving with your children you will need to pick a new school for them.

Next, there are some legal issues to pay attention to. Make sure your passport is not expiring any time soon – if it is, then arrange for a renewal. You will need to collect, make copies of and pack securely all the legal documents which are connected to your identity – diplomas, certificates (marriage certificate, birth certificate), medical and dental records, employment records, academic transcripts, driving license, etc. Seek advice in terms of your UK income and bank account from the tax office. After you’ve bought a house in France or arranged the renting, you have to organize the actual move. A London removal company with experience in international moves is the assistance you need. Since this is a long-distance move, all your belongings need special handling and packing, or you are risking damage during the transportation.

Consider that an international move is quite expensive, so hire the team of packers and movers as early as you can and consider the time of the year too. Summer is the peak season for relocations and the priciest one. However, your move will be fully covered, from the minute the packers start packing your belongings to their arrival at the house in France. It’s the most pain-free and stress-free option you have. Of course DIY is much cheaper, but it’s also less safe – even loading the cardboard boxes into the moving truck is risky when you don’t know the right technique to do so.

It’s best to trust a quality remover and let them do their job, while you deal with the emotional part of the move, the choice of new school, saying goodbye to your friends and family and so on and so forth. There will be a lot to do before you leave, so it’s vital to make the right decisions in terms of the actual relocation. It’s exciting to move to another country and experience all the new things it has to offer. However, every house move requires careful preparation and planning, which can take months. If you want a smooth move to France, you have to be ready to be in charge and focus on the successful completion of the task.

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